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Elvis Van Gogh

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Elvis Statement of Fact

The following is the statement of fact written by the original owner before his death. This transcription omits the owner and witnesses names for privacy. The original owner believed during his lifetime that Elvis A. Presley was the artist. This fact can be verified at the Library of Congress, United States Copyright Office with Registration Number VAU 234 738 of August 14, 1992. Please review Item number 4 which reads Transfer: "Gift from Elvis in mid 50s for picking him up hitchhiking when his car brokedown." Janet Gwendolyn Smith reviewed the painting in January 2005 discovering Elvis A. Presley was not the artist. The painting is signed and dedicated by Elvis A. Presley, but the painting is attributed to the artist Vincent van Gogh.


In 1954, I was driving between Mississippi and Tennessee when I picked up a hitchhiker carrying a guitar case. He had run out of gas and I took him to a gas station. During our ride we had conversation concerning music and he was talking about trying to cut a record. He mentioned he was low on money and asked if I could loan him some for the gas, but also said he didn't know when he would be able to pay it back. Since he seemed to be an honest young man, I gave him $20.00. He took my name and address and I told him he could pay it back whenever he could.

A month later I received a package containing a watch and letter from the hitch-hiker, Elvis Presley, thanking me for helping and said he'd like me to have a painting he had painted for his mother and grandmother while he was in high school, neither could agree who would keep painting, to avoid problems the painting was stored with a family friend. Elvis then gave me directions to a house where the painting was being kept. Elvis called me a couple of months later to see if I had found the painting. I hadn't been able to find the house, so he again gave me directions, but I still could not find the house.

Elvis called again a couple months later and this time he told me to look up an elderly friend and take him with me to where the painting was being kept. I did, after a long search we found the painting under the old house. It was wrapped in old feed sacks and the frame was full of wormholes.

In September 1960, Elvis called me again asking me to come to Nevada and bring the painting so he could use it to secure a $6,000,000 plus loan. I agreed and Elvis assured me I would get the painting back. It was some thirty (30) years later that the painting was returned to me by a Mr. Mayhew, as my name and address was stapled on back.

I feel it is time to show Elvis fans, that Elvis was a fine young artist as well as entertainer.

Signed by the original owner.
Witness #1
Witness #2

Transcribed by Janet Gwendolyn Smith, Art Historian from original owner's statement of fact. The owner's statement was made before his death. The original owner always thought Elvis painted the picture. Then in 2005 the painting was reviewed and additional scientific review was completed. For the record: Janet Gwendolyn Smith is not related to Elvis or the Smith family related to Elvis.

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